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Bank One Billards

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This show harps on the mental aspect of the game of Pool while gaining knowledge from our special guest and their successes and failures, so that our viewers can take away tangible pieces of
information to better their lives and careers.

"Pool is a game of inches, not miles."

About Bank ONE

 A dynamic, 60-minute gameshow crafted in an interview style, where contestants not only compete in a thrilling game of pool, but they also engage in thought-provoking discussions within various fields, uncovering valuable life lessons and mental health insights. 


Bank One seeks to delve deep into the guests triumphs in the business world, sports, arts, and life, providing our audience with a window into the lives of accomplished role models. Through the relaxing and intimate setting of a billiards game, we encourage our guests to unwind, share their stories, and divulge valuable life lessons.


"Billiards at Bank One" doesn't stop at the interviews; we also shed light on the history of billiards through insightful segments and engaging infographics. We offer our platform to a variety of industries related to both professional and amateur billiards and mental health. 


Our ultimate goal is to educate viewers about the positive impacts of playing billiards, highlighting its benefits in enhancing mental agility, physical coordination, understanding mathematics and physics, strategic thinking, and the spirit of sportsmanship.

This unique fusion of entertainment and enlightenment creates an engaging and inspiring experience for both players and viewers, making "Bank One Billiards" a must-watch show that offers entertainment, strategy, and personal growth all in one!

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